Monday, October 31, 2011

How to answer back to a chicken

Now I know that animal sounds are merely a series of instinctual responses which they are in the habit of making thanks to millions of years of evolution, but on the other hand, OUR CAT JUST SPOKE TO OUR CHICKENS.

Here's how it happened: Bea the cat was passing one way by Griselda the chicken when Griselda thoughtfully said, 'cluck'. Bea turned her head, and replied instantly: 'meow'. And then continued on in just the direction she was going.

I don't know about you, but that strikes me as a particularly convincing argument on Bea's part.

This series of instinctual responses of the sort belonging to a member of the primate species has been brought to you courtesy of my keyboard, the internet, and a morning off work.


Baron Woff Woff Whistle said...

Willow say, "woof ruff, grr, hrr,ruf"
Translations- Humans are so intellectually backwards. I mean cats, chicken and dogs like myself we are capable of saying every that needs to be said in three or four barks. Now think of woof. I can change the meaning and the complexity of my woofs depending my body position, pitch etc etc. You humans take forever to say anything and when you do say something you forget what were talking about and then you talk about something else. My master is a prime example I never know when he's going to close that mouth of his. Have a good day, Tim.

TimT said...

Thanks for translating that, Baron WWW. I suspect you are right. I regularly have conversations with the cats and chooks that are much more meaningful than conversations pollies seem to have with journos. You have a good day too. :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she was extolling the virtues of the human lap to Griselda?

TimT said...

That possibility passed through my mind, yes. Do chickens even have laps though? I’m not sure Bea thought about that one very carefully before making her request.

Caz said...

One of the most (and few) lauded things that our PM has said this year was her ad-lib "Don't write crap. Can't be that hard."

Of course, there wasn't anything laudable about her spontaneous comment, within or without context.

It was flip, banal, useless.

Some journalists stupidly acted as if it was an admonishment worthy of philosophic contemplation, or soul searching, or shame, or all three.

Worse though, the blatantly obvious rejoinder was never uttered, not by a journo, nor even by Abbott.

"Don't talk crap. Can't be that hard."

"I regularly have conversations with the cats and chooks that are much more meaningful than conversations pollies seem to have with journos."

Indeed. Can't be that hard.

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