Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Madrigal bladder

Once upon a time, some very wise people thought it would be a nice idea to send a group of madrigal singers on a little tour and do a film about it. Aside from going all over England, they went to France, they went to Spain, and they went to Germany, too.


The King's Singers somewhere singing something about something for I'm not sure. 

The easiest money to spend is always "someone else's money on somebody else", according to something Milton Friedman said. Well, that sure worked out well. I heartily endorse this spending of someone else's money on other people in order to send madrigal singers to other countries. There ought to be more of it.


Anonymous said...

A most wonderous and invigorating menagerie of animal soundages, most salubrious to one's earage. I oft in merry May made cuckoo sounds morn into night whilst gambolling naked on the warm hillsides of Cumberland.

Sir Frack Drenby-Sfoon

Anonymous said...

Immediately, your face.

TimT said...

May you cuckooviate and be gambolish in a bonny and blithesome manner for many years to come, my goodly Sir Frack!

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