Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well, I've had a chat with Dr Symantec and he's given me some pretty good advice about my computer. Unfortunately, I can't take him to Symantec's surgery, since it's very expensive, but there's a very good clinician around the corner called Dr AVG, and he's just had a session with my computer last night. It's early days yet, but I think the patient will make a recovery.

I'm very worried, I must admit - it's only been a few months since I found this computer slaving away in a sweatshop - but we get along so well. It would be terrible to think of him in the grotty paws of some RMIT hippy or TAFE student.


rachy said...

This always happens when adopting a sick child, but some TLC will bring your baby to recovery and then you will have a dedicated child forever appreciative of your patient and considerate parenting. May I ask, is it a little girl or boy?

I used to think mine was a girl, but it is too mischievous for that.

coffee and cigarettes said...

I retract that statement. My computer is a little shit, playing lots of games that mummy has absolutely no idea about. Sometimes I just want to smack it, but then computer services would be all over me wouldn't they?

TimT said...

I think it's a boy, but it thinks it's an albino antelope. We have arguments about it all the time.

coffee and cigarettes said...

I change my mind. Mine is a girl because you never know when it's going to lose its temper. Haven't been able to check my e-mail for days because Firefox keeps closing down for no reason when I open my Yahoo account. One of these days Alice, one of these days... at least antelopes are loving creatures, no? If not just a little sensitive

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