Saturday, September 24, 2005


This is the number one blog for the google search "cormorant of futility". I couldn't be prouder!


rachy said...

I thought a cormorant was a bird!

TimT said...

This is the reason that google picked on me. The phrase 'cormorant of futility' was cherry picked from a copy of Viz comics that I had. There was a comic strip in there called something like 'Roger and his Cormorants of Futility'.

The phrase 'Penguin of cold fury' was a reference to the 'Angry Penguins' movement from the 1940s to 1950s. Its kind of fun, when you're writing nonsense literature, to steal the nonsense other people have written and thus perpetuate it in your own nonsense.

Gah, poetry, I never should have taken it up.

coffee and cigarettes said...

oh you know you love it!

That poem was unreal, I remember writing something similar when I was about 14 thus there is a massive discrepancy between quality, I just mean that I understand the mood

Maybe someone read your blog ages ago, lost the URL and was trying to find it because they could not survive without copy of that poem

TimT said...

Maybe ... but they were probably looking for that Viz comic.

I wrote that poem for a blogger called Karen who put up a post that went something like the following:

"My mother just rang me up, partly to tell me that there were two bluebirds sitting on the windowsill.

What the fuck would I care about bluebirds?"

She was a damn good blogger, but one day, her blog disappeared, just like that ... it happens sometimes.

KR said...

She was probably too depressed to keep going on and on about how she hated this place because it all seemed so pointless and she never liked blogging that much anyway. She was a mess. The comorant of futility probably got her.

TimT said...

Well, I hope she's alright now. If that was the case, then I'm not entirely surprised. A bit of righteous fury some of the time can be quite invigorating, but it can't be good all the time.

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