Sunday, September 11, 2005

Who Said I'm Not Sensitive?

Ralph Vaughan Williams and his Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis makes me cry. In a good way. Life is beautiful. I fucking love you guys.

That is all.


Rachy said...

Is he the one people reckon is related to Charles Darwin? Did the Antarctica stuff?

TimT said...

Yes, and yes!

David said...


You girl!

TimT said...

Ah, but they were strong, masculine, petroleum-based tears! But I take your point. I think I shall go outside and reassert my masculinity by shooting at things. Grrr!

Rachy said...

you could burn some ants with a magnifying glass...

Is he actually related to Charles Darwin? I always thought that was a myth.

I did a presentation on the guy in secondary school, and am in possession of a few CDs... when I made that presentation I was corrected when pronouncing his name properly i.e. Rafe. That pronunciation annoys me as much as when people say Hell-o-weeze for Heloise. The freaking H is silent.

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