Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attention Melbournians!

The Comic Mummy is coming to town, and if you don't go and see one of her shows, she'll come at you with the wooden spoon!


Aunty Marianne said...

I have this nightmare where I am sent out into the blackness of deep space wearing no spacesuit at all, to fight Absolute Evil à la 5th Element, armed only with a wooden spoon.

So she can come at me. I'll step neatly sideways, and she can deal with Absolute Evil instead.

If the Comic Mummy is too busy, that's OK, I'll just ask my own.

Comic Mummy said...

Are you kidding? I deal with Absolute Evil every single day: it's called children.

So, now that one's defeated, you've no excuse. Moiahahahahahahhaa.

PS Tim - I'm still wired and writing this at 2.50am: what the hell have you done to me?

TimT said...

The answer to that one is coffee.

Whether coffee equips one to deal with Ultimate Evil or not is another question ...

Major Anya said...

Good luck, funny mum.

Anyone who has been in the vicinity of kids knows you've got to put on a show all the time, so if any hecklers should come your way you'll be well able to fix them with the steely mummy gaze and say, "go to your room".

Stand-up is for the brave, no doubt.

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