Friday, April 14, 2006

Poetry Corner!

On Male Lactation
Women have nipples
Because babies like tipples.
Men have them - barely -
But produce milk quite rarely.

The Anus
The standard human derriere, or anus,
Is two-faced, so it should be renamed 'Janus'.

On The Male Ovary
Human males suffer from a distinct lack of ovaries:
So much so, that one wag dubbed them 'Novaries'.


Comic Mummy said...

If you're not careful you might find yourself on the Vibewire greatest poets list.

Glad to see you got the male lactation in there somewhere. That reminds me - I'll kick off the interactive story thang soon!

Stuttering Bear said...

i'm GLAD i don't have ovaries & i'm GLAD i don't lactate

TimT said...

There, now that's thinking positive, Stuttering Bear!

Jen, I can't wait. These poems, though ... it's a bit like they were written by Ogden Nash on an off day. (Actually, I wrote them in the period between walking along the beach, having lunch, and then arriving at work for the afternoon shift).

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