Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unsolicited dog photographs

I'm just back from Newcastle where I had an absolutely smashing Christmas. I'll say a bit more about that tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my parents' dog, Shelty, a rather naughty border collie pup. As you will see, she likes eating things. She likes eating things a lot.

Tomorrow, I will publish a list of things she tried to eat during my six day visit. It will not be a short list.


The Topiary Cow said...

Welcome back!

(Cow quickly searching "Newcastle, Australia")in Wikipedia)

Oooh. A port city. Looks very nice. Humbly request photo of more than just the dog, though he is cute, natch!


TimT said...

I don't really have any other current photos! Just took a few shots of Shelty with mum's camera one afternoon while playing with her in the backyard!

But Newcastle does have some lovely surrounds. Yesterday morning we all drove up to Lake Macquarie (next suburb over from Newcastle) and dad did some practice bow-and-arrow on a target range while we went walking through the bush, over a couple of bridges... it seemed rather dislocating to go from that environment back to my shabby apartment in Melbourne, all in the space of one day!

Maria said...

Shelty looks smashing!

Welcome back, TimT. Or goodbye. From whatever perspective you wish to see that. (I'm in Sydney, y'know) Just in time for the New Year!

Looking forward to reading your list of Shelty's Christmas Eats.

I'm thinking of making a New Year's Resolution this year. Can you think of any bad habits I could pick up, just at the last minute, so I can kick them quickly tomorrow and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment?

TimT said...

Now there's a good idea. Sadly, all my bad habits have been with me for too long for me to acquire and give up on New Years Day, but you're welcome to help yourself to them. They include, but are not limited to, scratching, itching, picking, prying in my teeth with my fingers (etc).

Once, long ago, my brother N told me that I had the most bad habits of any person he knew. I think it was my habit of flicking my toes on the floor that made him say that. I still do it occasionally.

redsaid said...

Hurray for unsolicited puppy pics!!! That is one photogenic dawg.

As a mildly interesting aside, my best friend's brother is currently holed up in a hospital in the very Newcastle you spake of. He is there courtesy of a serious motorcycle crash, but he is a savage South African redhaired creature (somewhat like myself, except male) therefore he shall survive, albeit with plenty of scratches. And not the bad habitual kind you spake of.

TimT said...

Yikes! Sounds frightful!

Got a few more puppy pics, but blogger on this computer is slow to upload. I'll try to put them up in the next couple of days.

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