Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Liveblogging the Lego Inauguration

Legoland swears in mini-Barack Obama in mock inauguration

2.00 AM - Well, it's been a long time coming to this Lego inauguaration, and some commentators thought the Lego Barack Obama would never make it. Indeed, there were some anti-plastic Legos in Legoland who insisted that Lego Barack Obama was not a real Lego at all, but a human Barack Obama masquerading as a Lego one. Thankfully, Legos have accepted Barack Obama as their president, and it's clear that this inauguration is a positive step forward for plastic people everywhere.

2.10 AM - And just look at the sea of Lego faces out there. Plastic people from all four corners of the plastic world have gathered here today for this historic moment (so historic, in fact, that it will be repeated over and over again in Legoland for the next few years).

2.15 AM - Terrible! The head of the Lego chief justice has just fallen off during the swearing in! What a bungler! But kudos to Lego Barack Obama, he's paused to let the chief justice retrieve his head. If he's troubled by this mistake, he's not showing it. And as he reaches down to pick up his head, he continues reciting the oath of office.

2.20 AM - Now for the bit everyone's been anticipating. The Lego Barack Obama delivers an inspiring speech to the crowds of waiting Lego Americans. For a plastic toy, he's such an effective speaker! And he's promising to do everything in his power to help rebuild the Lego nation. He says he'll 'put Lego building block on top of Lego building block', and use 'all the latest Lego toy trucks and cars and trains' until the task is done. Inspiring!

2.40 AM - Now he's spoken with the Lego George and Laura Bush. And just look at the plastic smiles on their Lego faces! Come to think of it, George's smile looks a little bit faded. Is it possible that his Lego attendants have had to texta the smile back on his plastic face for this important ceremony?

2.45 AM - It's done!

Lego Barack Obama will now go to work in the Lego Oval office, right in between the little Lego knight dude fighting the Lego dragon, and the Lego guys in space. Huzzah!


Steve said...

Good to see this important Lego event got some coverage.

Did you know that there is pretty cheap Chinese imitation lego sold in Chinese markets in Brisbane, and presumably in the rest of Australia? Some of the sets are pretty impressive, and are perhaps about 1/2 the price (or less) of what you might expect of the equivalent sized Lego sets. The pieces do fit with regular Lego, but the plastic is slightly harder in feel.

The only downside is that they are probably impregnated with some toxic chemical that would cause any child sucking on one to trip out to lizard land. But apart from that, it's pretty good.

TimT said...

Never heard of it. How did they slip that one past the copyright lawyers?

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