Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Apostrophes! And coming contractions!

On the question of whether to remove the apostrophe from written English

Should we retract the contraction?
Is it just a verbal distraction?
Or would this retraction
Become a detraction
From syntactic discourse in action?

What I'd hypothetically do in the hypothetical circumstances of the apostrophe being removed

I side with Lynne Truss's faction:
I'd never approve such redaction.
If some law were enacted,
And they were retracted,
I'd try to retract the retraction.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I would comment, but I'm suffering from a deep inverted comma.

TimT said...

When commas are deep and inverted,
Some call for them to be reverted...

No! No! Must stop limericising and get back to work!

Caz said...

Contractions, contractions!


What did you have?

How much did it weigh?

TimT said...

The contractions were hard, but eventually, I bought forth a smiling baby noun. A PLURAL noun, no less. I wasn't sure what to call it - them, I should say - so I'm calling it by a collective name for the moment.

Weighs just a quarter of a sentence at the moment, but I'm hoping for it to grow up into a whole paragraph one day!

Caz said...

Plurals are so common these days, what with technological interventions and all. Not that I'm suggesting you're common.

The singular requires fewer contractions though, generally weighs less, and one doesn't need to be wanton with nouns.

Of course, I'm sure your plural nouns are very handsome.

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