Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bland of the dead

Last night I watched Cherry 2000, a film in which actors who can't act team up with scriptwriters who can't write, and do battle with one another with guns made of plastic in sets made of cardboard.

The plot, which is almost entirely superfluous, involves a guy whose robot girlfriend breaks travelling into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a tracker who looks like Melanie Griffith (conveniently acted by Melanie Griffith) to find another robot girlfriend. In the end he settles for the tracker who looks like Melanie Griffith, but it's a close call. Those points in the plot that call for dramatic motifs and plot development are largely subsituted for by sexual innuendo and schoolboy jokes: "Travel to a bar called Glory Hole... you'll find a tracker called Johnson..."

In the end, I rather enjoyed it. The script had an undeceptive simplicity to it - you might say it was full of hidden surfaces.

(Car falls into the water)
JOHNSON: I hope you can swim.
TREADWELL: Don't you think it's a little late for that?

HE: Make some sandwiches.
SHE: No.
HE: Well I'll just go and shit in my hat.

Cherry 2000. An excellent film to watch if you're not watching any other film.


Maria said...

Wow! It's so great for a movie to keep up the great tradition of movies, reminding you constantly that the point of a movie is to let the movie do all the thinking for you, which is not much thinking at all!

Caz said...

Silent films with no subtitles stand at the pinnacle of meeting audience needs. Engaging synapses to decipher language is redundant.

(Isn't Melanie wonderful? So brave of her to stand in front of a camera and speak.)

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