Thursday, February 19, 2009

No, you don't

CASE ONE: Because of my wisdom teeth operation, I was on sick leave at the start of this week. I felt guilty about taking the Monday off, and then felt anxious about going back to work, and then spent most of the day debating whether I should call up work and take the Tuesday off on sick leave, and then after I did so felt guilty about it. I went to work on Wednesday, deciding it would be lazy not to, and also feeling, oddly, that I should be saving the sick leave up for another day (which probably wouldn't happen anyway). When I wrote up the sick leave in the computer and took the dentists certificate in to HR, I discovered the dentist had given me permission to take ONE ENTIRE WEEK off on leave. Bloody hell, I thought, and here I am wasting it at work...!

CASE TWO: This morning I bought two pens from the Moreland newsagency. Because I bought those pens, I missed the 8.20 train to work. As I sat down at the train station, I discovered that one of the pens didn't work anyway. Then I discovered that the train service had cancelled the 8.40 train to work, meaning that I'd get to work 20 minutes late. Fair enough, I said to my self, I'll just work back 20 minutes this afternoon and catch the 5.30 PM train back, instead of the 5.10 PM.

As it turned out, the 5.30 train may or may not have come, but I got to the train station, just in time, to catch the 5.10 train, running 10 minutes late. When I got off, some 10 stops later, I walked down the street, only just missing the bus back home. Bugger, I said to myself. If only my train (though it was, really, the train before my train) hadn't been so damned late (though if it had been any earlier I would have missed it completely) I wouldn't have missed that bus (though doubtless I would have ended up waiting 20 minutes for another bus, complaining profusely to myself and the world).


Conclusion: you may think this is just an innocuous chain of events that reveal no great meaning or purpose. To me, it suggests quite the otherwise: having, perhaps, learned from my example, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is working to contradict me. The universe is a bastard!


Maria said...

I felt a bit like that the other day.

I was at work and for some reason I worked back a little late. Just didn't notice the time. I thought, I better go now, but should I ring home to say I'm late? No, because calling will just make me later and if i miss the bus I can always use the mobile.

I get to the station and I'm thinking, express bus home or train? Well, I check the timetable and last express bus home is 6.20pm. It's 6.22pm. I didn't see the express leave! Maybe it's gone or maybe it's just late. Maybe I'll hang around just in case it's late. So I hang around waiting ... come on ... a little longer.

Of course it doesn't show up and all thistime i'm missing more and more trains and the trains are getting more crowdedas the peak hour gets even worse.

So I get on a train as I give up on the bus. It's an all stations train which is slow and I finally get to my station, and have to catch another bus home.

Whoops! I see my bus leave, right then!

Check timetable.

next bus is in ... like ... an hour.

Now I really ought to call home, shouldn't I?

I pull out my mobile.

Damn, the battery has gone.

I decide to spend some time at the library nearby, thinking, should I bother to find a public phone and call or offer the librarians 40c or whatever for use of their phone?

I think,

Oh, it's not that bad. It's also light and good weather so no one will be worried about me.

I finally get on the bus (fortunately meanderings in the library didn't distract me to the extent I missed next bus).

About 200m from my home bus stop, the us stopped - because the rain started hammering down and the bus driver had to stop to close all the windows in case his poor bus got drenched internally.

I wandered home soaked and ended up hammering on the door, "LET ME IN! LET ME IN!" (I didn't want to rummage through my bag for my keys because I'd probably flood my bag with water)

The nice thing is that it ended well with Mum fussing over me and left over heated up lasagne.

The universe is sometimes against you TimT, better believe it.

By the way, people who sell unusable pens should be made to stand in the town square and have ther useless pens thrown at them in public, and insulting things written up in big placards above them with their own unwritable pens!

A disgrace! A disgrace!

We shall know all unusable pen sellers by the blank placards with the frustrated indents and scratchings borne into them, posted above them! Let it be known!

TimT said...

We could draw neat little dartboards on their faces. With usable pens. And then use the unusuable pens to...

No, no, best not to think such thoughts...

nailpolishblues said...

The universe is a bastard - especially where work is concerned.

How could you have multiple teeth ripped from your mouth and not take a week off work?

TimT said...

I decided to be even a bigger bastard to myself than the universe, just to outbastard the bastard.

nailpolishblues said...

You're quite a twisted little thing, aren't you?

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