Friday, February 27, 2009

Fridge tragic challenge

Look at these craptacular 'Fridge Magic' stickers!The Hoydens found 'em...

What can you do with something like that? I decided to write some found poetry:

Sherbert sparkle lipstick clothes!
Fluffy princess heart!
Sunshine! Music! Butterfly!
Glitter sugar FART!

And that's your challenge, too, if you choose to accept it. Use some of the words from the 'Fridge Magic' stickers above in a short poem, or even a short story. Bonus points will be awarded for the more words you can fit in, or for especially creative or unexpected uses of particular words. Go to it! Show the 'Fridge Magic' stickers the respect they deserve!


Maria said...

seret chocolate ice-cream diary?
furry glitter ladybird?

I think I like the first better. Though the second has much charm.

Maria said...

Scary pink sherbet glitter wand,
Fairies, princess, frogs, dancing,
Moon, rainbow sparkle ...
Secret wizard music ...
Skeleton running ...
Dinosaur swimming ... chocolate pond!

TimT said...

Chocolate pond! Yummy! Where?

Maria said...

Look for the swimming dinosaur, silly. I'd say the wizard music would be a clue but that's secret.

phil said...

Glue scary monster,
Dragon climbing swinging skeleton,
Fairies fluff candy:
Sugar pink racing helicopter!

I'm sure you know where to send the cheque.

Caz said...

Monster bunnies swinging handbags.


Having played the game, I'm now going to go and throw up at the knowledge that such hideously gender prescribed fridge magnets are being manufactured for the use of innocent young children in 2009.

What if little girls want to shoot bunnies, hey, where is that option?

What if little boys want to wear glitter hairbands, hey?

Nick Crumbedprawn said...

lemonade blue
bunnies glue
candy lipstick
swinging love sticks
sweets car
scooter stars
wand wings
ballet strings

PS of course bubbles is the only word both genders have in common. What does that say about us as a species? More importantly what does it say about bubbles?

Caz said...

Crumbedprawn: excellent observation.

(Err, didn't Bubbles die?)

Maria said...

I'm afraid Nick ... both genders have "chocolate" n common as well.

But sad to hear that the men have the monopoly on the money. Even though it's probably just Monopoly money anyhow.

Nick Crumbedprawn said...

Hmmm, I guess this gender doesn't have "reading" in its list...

Nice catch, Maria

Maria said...

I've just got an eye for chocolate in general, Nick.

I was going to say it's just a girl thing but I think fridge magic would say I was wrong.

Ampersand Duck said...

magic dancing glue boots
diamond mud dirt ballet
frogs conkers fluff candy
tractor bunnies blood furry

I call that one 'I've Never Been to Me'.
I noticed that you got to add one special word, so I did too.

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