Friday, February 20, 2009

Monkey's flunkey

The news, slightly distilled, in poetic form

A monkey is loose! A monkey is loose!
Shock horror! Shock horror! (So shouted the news.)
The public is terrified! frantic! delirious!
Those who make opinions opine ‘This is serious...’
For - monkey see monkey do monkey take too much drugs
Then monkey turn into a murderous thug.

If you still remain easy, and calm, and subdued,
The news gets far worse:
............................ THE MONKEY IS NUDE!

(First made as a comment here.)

UPDATE! - Apparently Fox's legal team had this video pulled since part of it was faked (the story itself is authentic, but a comment by one of the guys at the end was apparently doctored.) Anyway, there's another YouTube here, though it's probably not going to be there for very long. Also, see this.


forlorn said...

Please do not question how I came by this information, but this is satisfyingly deranged for at least a minute or so.

TimT said...

Oddly mesmerising, like a fusion of classical minimalism and punk...!

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