Monday, November 22, 2010

The F word

You say that I'm flippant,
A frivolous floozy,
A flibberty-gibberty
Fool drinking ouzo,
A featherhead fiend
In frou frou and FCUK
Well FYI friend
I don't give a fire truck.

You say I'm a flop
That I'm full of flapdoodle
A flatulent fathead
Not worth one firkytoodle,
A flabby old fizzer,
A frump Fezziwig -
Well FYI, friend,
You can go get a fig.

You say I'm a failure,
A fibber, a faux,
A Facebook-friend only,
A flea-brain for a foe -
Well FYI friend,
You old so-and-so,
What the frick what the frack
What the fudge would you know?


Anonymous said...

You should definitely perform it!

TimT said...

Thanks Anon, I will anon.

Legal Eagle said...

I adore it.

TimT said...

Thanks LE!

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't get into next years Best Australian Poems some serious questions will be asked

TimT said...

I've always wondered how you get into that thing.

Maybe they should have 'The Best' and 'The Rest', to be fair. There's a lot of 'The Rest'. Some of which may get into 'The Best' from time to time...

I suspect I'd have to a) Know Someone Important b) Get published Somewhere Important c) Preferably both.

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