Friday, November 19, 2010

A list of made up swear words

Here is a list of made up swear words. Made up swear words are so much more offensive than real ones, don't you think? I've always thought that - well, since this afternoon, at least. Obviously I don't know what they mean, but they must be pretty damn filthy otherwise I would have never bothered making them up. Actually, I don't think anyone knows what they mean - you can't get more offensive than that. You can't say that about most other words, can you? No, you can't.

Festering gruntlenods

Quinching snirtlebums

Case of the squidges

Buttomulous glurpump

Rurpling finnywump

Rampunculian spox-lurchee



Rutile untling

Irk of the banshwater


Olmiferous hunchbuggling.

Disgusting. Now never say any of these words ever again.


Kate said...

Smunchering! That is my new favorite!

Fran said...

Rurpling finnywump sounds positively vile. I shall use it on passers-by tomorrow and see what happens.

TimT said...

Such terms should be absolutely last resort - ie when quibbling with a workmate about spelling. "You irk of the banshwater!"

Anonymous said...

These are valiant efforts, but surely there's also enough variation in the f word and its various combinations to keep anyone occupied. A bit like jazz improvisation really...

TimT said...

I think the f word has lost its power. Every you go people are flabbergasted-this and flabberygasting that.

vodka and ground beef said...

I've totally got a case of the squidgees.

TimT said...

Wash your mouth out! Amongst other things.

TimT said...

Anonymous, it may or may not amuse you to know that your comment there spurred not just my reply but caused me to just write a poem. It's rather, er, confrontational but it's not aimed at you - it's just I could only think of one way of making it hang together in a coherent fashion.

So there you go. What awesome powers you have, inspiring blog comments and poems.

So anyone wanna hear it? Should I blog it?

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear it, if it's not the Hilaire Belloc 'variation' you've already posted (which makes me feel a bit thick as I can't see the connection apart from the variation idea, or the confrontation either).

TimT said...

What? No! Poem forthcoming, forthcomingly...

Ampersand Duck said...

It's interesting that when people make up new swearwords, they tend to be multi-syllabic, but in reality the best swearwords are mono-syllabic, short and sharp. They need to be something to bark out easily.

Speaking of 'bsrk', my fav swear-word at the moment is PIGDOG, which I guess has two syllables, so what do I know?

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