Monday, November 01, 2010

Very somewhat bigger events of the present day

I went into the city today and I saw:

Horse poo
Frilly dresses
Top hats
Fake moustaches
People in horse costumes

This event wasn't, as you might expect, the Festival of Unicycles Sitting on top of Horses Placed on top of Men and Women, Standing, or the Grand Event of Bagpipes producing Horse Poo and People in Horse Costumes in Frilly dresses, or even the Exceptional Occurrence of Fake Moustaches on Top Hats, and it was certainly not the Gala Performance of Unicycle Playing Bagpiping People in Horse Costumes or the groundbreaking Worldwide Celebration of Horse Poo at which a whole bunch of horses, men, women, frilly dresses, top hats, fake moustaches, unicycles, bagpipes and people in horse costumes also, by the most amazing and unbelievable coincidence you could possibly be brought to believe, simply happened to be in attendance.

No, strangely enough, it was not any of those things. It was simply the smaller event before the somewhat bigger event that happens tomorrow. You know, the somewhat bigger event that is so somewhat bigger that I took two days off work to avoid it, even though it's a public holiday? Yeah, that one.

Um, that's about it really.


Aras said...

How do you know it was horse poop and not people in horse costumes poop?

TimT said...

That remains a disturbing possibility.

Mitzi G Burger said...

'Tis a shame that it takes a day of inane vice to prompt happy days of such madcap frivolity!

TimT said...

Fascinators galore at Spencer St station yesterday.

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