Sunday, August 07, 2011

The dyslexic nail polisher

Hundreds of Americans entered her competition to be in the running to win a free gun with every nail polish job performed. They were somewhat less-than whelmed upon discovering that what they had actually won was a free gnu.

However, in time, many learned to love and cherish their gnus, who came to share with them their passion for the latest military hardware at many local and national events.

Years later the controversy really kicked in when it was discovered that all Americans were not entitled to bear arms at all. What they had really signed up for in the constitution, in their dyslexic way, was the Right to Bear Rams.

And so, the National Ram Association, or NRA, was born.


kerryn tredrea said...

ha! i like it cos people are idiots.

TimT said...

You never know with those people, though. Some people could be reading this... right now.

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