Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random meaningless outbursts by people of exceeding eccentricity

Apparently, I spend a lot of the time around the house going around singing out snatches of nonsense verse: lots of 'diddles' and 'dum dum dums' involved. This is, apparently, a little uncommon. Whatever.

But lately I've been barely able to restrain the urge to do this on blogs and facebook as well - textual versions of this. Maybe one day I'll burst out with something like 'Oh fiddle faddle fiddle fiddle faddle fum!' on an incredibly serious and important political blog post and everyone will be horribly offended.

Really - what's blogging for if it's not for facilitating random, meaningless outbursts by people of exceeding eccentricity the world over? Hmmm?


RebeccaH said...

I agree completely. Outbursts of this sort are a tremendous release.

- eccentric person

Anonymous said...

oh, quiver me gwampaaaa and ratchet me sarzniiiiiic!

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