Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Lalor sonata

An artistic production in the medium of reality, as performed by me, Tim Train

1. Tim puts socks, pants, shirt, jumper on, does dishes, contemplates how to get cats in and make sandwich before going to work. (Prelude)

2. Bea comes in. Tim closes door behind her and sits down on chair to tie shoes and watch door to see if other cat Harriet comes to it, which Tim will then open to let other cat Harriet in.

3. Bea sits on Tim's lap, preventing him from going to door if other cat Harriet comes to it, and, indeed, of paying much attention to door at all. Tim pats Bea. (Slow movement - 15 mins, approx).

4. Tim puts Bea on chair, pokes head out door to see if Harriet in sight. Harriet comes round corner. Tim pats her. Harriet does not come inside.

5. Tim goes to pat Bea while waiting for Harriet to come inside. Chicken comes inside instead. Tim goes to chase chicken outside. Chicken does not go outside. Bea goes outside. Both cats now outside. Chicken inside. Door open. Tim frustrated. (Crescendo)

6. Tim chases chicken outside, waves Whiskas in face of cats, shuts door behind them as they come in, smirks, gloats, chuckles to self, and marches off to work. (Coda).


Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

I take it that bodily picking the cats up and bringing them in would wreck the whole structure of the piece.

Wired Mom said...

Lovely words. I like the voice as I read along. The story reminds me of something I cannot place. Still, a smile dances across my face. Thanks for sharing.

Wired Mom said...

Check out my newer blog, if you like. Thanks!

TimT said...

Picking up those cats is all well and good if you can get a hand on them!

Steve said...

If the cats run the roost so thoroughly, I hope they are helping pay the mortgage/rent too.

TimT said...

Well they tell me they are, but maybe they're having me on.... Maybe these nice men coming to the door from the van labelled 'repossession' will know?

Ampersand Duck said...

Mr Tim, if you're not a friend of this fellow already, you should be. He has a regular publication that involves people writing instructions for actions, like a fluxus event (among other regular projects, like WIPE, where people print on toilet paper).
You would be fantastic as a contributor.

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