Saturday, October 15, 2011

Proposed additional working groups and working additional proposals

I noticed that the Occupy Sydney team have put together a modest list of 11 proposed working groups and eight different committees. Just what the exact difference between working groups and committees is is unclear to me, but this one is my particular favourite:
Social Networking working group
Hopefully, the Social Networking working group will begin working at Networking straight away, so they can get the Social Networking working for all other networking working groups. It would indeed be a pity if networking between all the networking working groups was not working due to the fact that the networking of the Networking working group was also not working (possibly due to them not working). It would indeed be a real bummer.

Aside from the 11 proposed working groups and the eight different committees, I see that, quite delightfully, they also have six additional proposed working groups (propositionally proposed working groups?) I have no idea what the difference is between a proposed working group and these propositionally proposed working groups, either, but there you go.

Anyway, what's your favourite working group? I'm quite fond of the Comfort Committee, but maybe you have a different one. LET ME KNOW ON THIS VITAL MATTER IN COMMENTS.


Shelley said...

Comfort Committee? Sounds a bit Joy Division.

TimT said...

Maybe they're bringing comfy chairs from their homes. And warm woollen mittens for when/if it gets cold.

Tony said...

A revolution can always do with a good Poetry Group to chronicle the dawning of the new age.

PS: Was that you on the news Occupying Melbourne?

TimT said...

I sincerely hope not! Though I know one or two who may have been in the poetic contingent.

Shelley said...

Best joke of the day - Tim siding with the so called 99%!

TimT said...

I just saw a photo of everyone marching on the Melbourne Club. They're the bastards who are hoarding all the comfy armchairs, I bet.

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