Friday, November 02, 2012

Reporter speaks in front of superimposed image

The Sky News Network has spared no expense this US Federal Election, it has been revealed, sending its reporter David Speers on a journey to speak in front of superimposed images of a number of well-known US locations.

Hitting the campaign trail with US Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Speers has spoken in front of superimposed images of the Washington Monument, before heading to speak in front of a superimposed image of the Statue of Liberty, after which he went to speak in front of a number of other equally recognisable superimposed images, including a superimposed image of the Golden Gate Bridge and a superimposed image of naked men doing rude things on Castro Street, San Francisco.

Speers has been tireless in his trek from superimposed image to superimposed image, at several points speaking in front of a superimposed image of the entire US while a computer-generated animation of a plane flew around it drawing lines on top of the superimposed image. He has gone to every attempt to speak to superimposed images of the candidates, or at the very least let them speak to themselves.

And it's not over yet for Speers, who on election night will speak in front of one of the great natural sites of America, a superimposed image of a board with names and computer-generated numbers on it.

When it's all over, Speers will hop into the superimposed image of a plane (in the Sky studio) and fly back to a superimposed image of Australia (also in the Sky studio), where he will sleep in a superimposed image of his bed (that one's in the Sky studio too) for the first time in weeks while the superimposed (see above) image of a news bar will run over the top of him telling all the other superimposing stories of the day.

It will certainly be an inspiring journey for Speers, from one corner of the Sky studio to another, on this incredibly important event in US politics.
Superimposed image of a country that allegedly exists in Sky studios somewhere.


Caz said...

Easy for you to make fun.

Try living on superimposed burgers.

That guy gets SO hungry, it's a wonder he can stand up in front of all those superimposed images.

Dedication to his craft, that's what it is, a true professional.

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