Friday, November 16, 2012

The appreciative drunkard

Positive heckling: the art of interrupting people on stage in a rude and supportive manner...


You SUCK... a great deal less than my unjust interruption might lead you to have expected.

Get off the stage... and into a recording studio quickly, so everyone can hear your divine voice!

I rate your show a big fat O.... as in OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS WONDERFUL!

DisGUSted - discussed it with all my friends and we all agree this is great!

SHUT UP... that fenestral aperture, because the street noise is interfering with my appreciation of their lovely lyrics!


Idea in part adapted from this. Suggest a few more in comments and I might throw them in the next copy of Badger's Dozen.


Anonymous said...

Please don't throw them at me tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What the Dan needs is a resident Elder Statesman of Inebriation, a Les Paterson of the claret gurgling bon mot, the ruddy faced sanguine cheeked debauchee of the flippant heckle, the coruscating putdown, the winestain shirted ponce of the 'seen it all before' snigger. I hope to carry one day this lofty mantle.

Diogenes 'the well soused' Clonor

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