Thursday, January 17, 2013

Buffy, beards, and brand new computers

The brand new computer arrived in the mail two days ago, as well as the boxed edition of Buffy, seasons one to seven, complete. The latter offered unprecedented opportunities for procrastination, the former was to be used mostly for work purposes. They arrived on exactly the same day. Why do the heavens spite me so?

Anyway, in between setting up the brand new computer, watching Buffy, putting off setting up the brand new computer for a bit, watching more Buffy, and watching more Buffy as a way of putting off setting up the brand new computer even more, I've been privileged to watch the first few motes of domestic cat hair drift idly by and settle themselves amongst the new keys of the brand new computer. I have also contributed to this by letting the occasional whimsical strand of beard unplug itself from my face, drift idly around in ever decreasing circles, and finally settle itself on the same brand new computer.

On another occasion, in another context entirely, I have been known to say on the question of beards and the preparation of food and drink, "beards add flavour, like cat hair." I like to think that this piece of wisdom still holds true, and would be willing to put it to the test in the case of my new computer. However, this would involve licking - and possibly munching away for a bit - at the keyboard. Live electrical circuitry could become involved. There could be difficulties.

I think I'll just watch Buffy instead.


Steve said...

Who ordered the Buffy?

Just curious...

Steve said...

Unbelievably, I have a niece who I rarely see who has a prominent Buffy inspired tattoo, apparently. As well as large image of her late dog on (I think) her back.

All a worry, if you ask me...

TimT said...

Well the Baron did but only because I didn't want to order on my computer (virus concerns). I paid her for it after anyway just to make it 'my' frivolous purchase.

Really enjoying these Buffys - not just for their retro charm but it's such a well-written show. Indeed it was the last telly show I watched regularly before I gave up on television.

Steve said...

Well, I've never seen it but I assume it was OK, especially if you were a girl under the age of 25 which seemed to be its biggest audience.


TimT said...

I never watched it much until I saw a riveting episode involving the main characters being hunted down in their dreams. After that I watched it religiously. It's very very good, and has an interesting kind of broad appeal - vampires for the horror crowd, geeky humour for the nerds, and an obvious feminist subtext.

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