Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New devices for feline exploration acquired

Yesterday morning, my new phone fainted, my new computer decided it couldn't receive the internet, and the internet on my old computer decided it didn't work either. Quite propitious really, as on this morning where everything stopped working, I also received an email welcoming me to my new work position - of course, I wasn't able to read it because it was on the internet that was having a bludge on my computer that was having issues. But it did come through.

Perhaps I haven't mentioned that I'm starting work with a new company until now. Well, I am. Today - with everything working better - I dutifully set up my new computer with a new foot pedal and a new chair and a new mouse and a new keyboard on a palatial new desk (purchased from Office Works), sat down, and proceeded to shed hairs all over the (as already noted) new keyboard.

Soon Beatrice joined me, and walked up and down the palatial new desk, rubbing herself pleasantly on several objects, and pouncing on several other objects. (Beatrice, I need hardly remind you, is a cat - though imagine just imagine the implications in that sentence if she wasn't).

So. Work, huh. I remember what that's like.


Steve said...

Your computer has a foot pedal?

TimT said...

I do transcription. It's kind of my special skill. For that you need a foot pedal, in order to be able to type and stop/play an audio file at the same time.

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