Sunday, August 22, 2004

If It Looks Like a Pig, Barks Like a Dog, and Possesses Definite Opinions About the Relative Merits and Demerits of Privatisation...

... then chances are that it's a Right Wing Death Beast. There's been a little debate over the origins of Right Wing Death Beasts - here and here, to start with - so I thought I'd weigh in with a natural history of the Right Wing Death Beast.

The Right Wing Death Beast was the result of a series of experiments in Genetic Modification by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They took the DNA from a Capitalist Pig, an Imperialist Lapdog, and a Republican Armadillo and mixed it all up. The resultant beast was then raised on a virulent Conservative ideology by such unrespectable authors as Hayek and Adam Smith.

Pretty soon, The Right Wing Death Beast rose to positions of power and prestige.

Next time - we look at Communist Gooses, Socialists Asses, Environmentalists Sheep, and other ideological abortions from the left!


Justin said...

If you think Hayek and Smith are conservative, then you might want to read that dangerous Hayek's essay "Why I'm Not a Conservative."

BTW, why are they unrespectable? I'm not sure how much of their stuff you've read and how much you've been told about what he wrote.

Conservative may even try to claim him as their own, but that just goes to show how little they have read of him.

TimT said...

I've read The Road to Surfdom but nothing else, where Hayek pretty much sets out the case for privatisation. I reckon you'll agree with me that that's an idea more associated with the 'right' - (what some people like to call 'conservative' and others 'liberterian') side of politics. At least nowadays.
I'm not sure how many of the links on my post you followed, but if you take a look at some of them, you might be able to understand my particular 'ironic' take a little better. And note that on Troppo Armadillo I've been listed as a Right Wing Death Beast myself.
So if I describe Hayek as a 'virulent conservative', it's because I'm being sarcastic.

Justin said...

Point taken.

I do appreciate the humor; I was mostly responding to how politics has become a 2-d event, left or right, which unfortunately is the case here in America.

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