Thursday, February 03, 2005

I Was Going To Have a New Poll

I was going to have a new poll today. It was going to ask, 'What's Your Favourite Whole Number Integer?' Option 1) would have been 1, Option 2) would have been 2, and so on.
However, when I got to option 32536526214664525253244): 32536526214664525253244, I decided to stop. Who knows how long I would have to go on otherwise? Plus, I started wondering if I should have used the hexadecimal-base system instead of the decimal.

So - what's your favourite whole-number integer? Mine's 43783244.


Tony.T said...

As a maths teacher, I refuse to play favourites. Although I AM rather partial to 32. And DO have particular problems with 11 and Pi. Fuckers!

Darlene Taylor said...

My favourite whole number what?

Since I don't know what it means I will have to say 5439.

TimT said...

Tony: Pi is hardly a whole number, now, is it? Get it right, mathman!

Darlene - 5439 is alright, but how about 36457845? Or 3489456094595? Or the dazzling heights of 475893219650938690763093205968943074679484373295673734? Now they're whole numbers to write home about!

PS I don't know what integer means either.

Tony.T said...

Just testing.

kathrynoh said...

An integer is a whole number so the term whole number integer is redundant.

Personally I don't like whole numbers because they are smug bastards who get all the good jobs and think they are the best. Except prime numbers. Prime numbers rock.

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