Sunday, February 20, 2005


I think I'm suffering from a serious case of IDS - Internet Deprivation Syndrome. Symptoms include shivering, biting nails, inability to sleep, and stark raving lunacy. Hardly anybody has the internet down here, and I'm blogging this from the back of an olive tree which I've discovered has internet connection and ... actually, that's not true. I'm doing this from an internet cafe in Bendigo.

That's not to say that I haven't had an exciting week, working with my brother. Here's a breakdown for you:

Sunday - Dug holes.

Monday - My brother, Lachlan, discovered a rock in the field.

Tuesday - Spent all day staring at the ground while attaching pieces of pipe together.

Wednesday - Lachlan successfully identified a Workplace Danger: a small stick, lying on the ground, which could cause cuts or even bruises.

Thursday - Rammed posts into the ground.

Friday - Rammed posts into the ground, again. I also wrote a poem. It was called 'Nature is Pretty':

Nature is pretty
Nature is nice
Hey look! There's a sheep
Being eaten by lice!

Saturday - As above.

So - how was your week?


jeff said...

Lachlan? Is this a common Aussie name? (I don't mean common as in Keeping Up Appearances)

kathrynoh said...

Good to know you're still alive. Sounds much better than my last job, it really does.

Anonymous said...

Darlin'! I was JUST getting ready to dispatch the search parties.

But listen, in all solemn seriousness: Don't try to fool me! I KNOW that this hard labour you're performing isn't just "for extra cash"... I KNOW that you're really in prison and that this is part of your chain-gang duties. You needn't be ashamed. This website was bound to get you into all sorts of trouble.

You're welcome to give my picture out to any handsome inmates. Oh, right... you don't have a pic. Just give one of Nicole Kidman. I promise you, the resemblance is there... if you're blind!

Anyway, stop chain-ganging around and just come back now. How much do you need for your parole? I'm willing to type for your release. One Aus Dollar per word.

Don't mention it.


Anonymous said...

See? I can't even get the terminology right. I meant BAIL, not parole. I'd type for your BAIL.

Oy, I really need a penpal in prison, it seems.

Flute said...

Luckily in the UK, the conservatives have not got over their bout if IDS (Ian Duncan-Smith) and despite the name of Howard being leader of the opposition, will be smashed further into political obliteration.

Flute said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gempires said...

Hee hee. That made me giggle.

TimT said...

Jeff - yeah, it is now. Mum says it was 'unusual' when she chose it, and obviously she wasn't the only one.

Thanks Kathryn, Red ... despite all evidence to the contrary, I am still alive.

Flute, er, thanks. I like to think of this as a Tory friendly blog, but maybe they'd do better under another leader. How about Bonking BorisJ? He'll be good for a laugh.

Gem, thanks!

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