Saturday, February 12, 2005

Skin Cancer Ahoy!

Hello folks! I'm typing this from an internet cafe in Mildura, having recently chucked in a decently paying part-time job writing reports in Newcastle for a excellent-paying full-time job laying down hose line on a farm near Robinvale.

Now I have early mornings, long hours, blisters, and the occasional case of skin-tumour to look forward to. And at the end of the three months, a big fat bank account. That is, if I can restrain the urge to get trashed at the first opportunity, blowing my savings.

Oh, what fun!


Grinder said...

You mean there is an internet cafe in Mildura? Buggered if I could find one a couple of years back. It was the longest time I'd been without a net fix for ages.

Darlene Taylor said...

Yeah, Tim's back and he's doing real blokey labour.

You'll be looking like Arnie S in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Tim, be grateful for the March of Progress and keep in touch!


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