Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Darp v. Tim Blair v. Margo v. The World!!!

Have you been following the Darp vs. Tim Blair vs. Margo Kingston vs. the World discussion on the blogosphere just recently? It's really quite simple, and very entertaining if you take the time to have a look at it. Here's a brief rundown:

- Once there was a guy called Darp.

- He had a blog.

- There was another guy called Tim Blair.

- He had a blog.

- And another blog.

- And, following that, another blog.

- Not all at the same time, you understand, each after the other.

- Tim Blair's blog was moderated by a person called Andrea Harris.

- Who had a blog too.

- There was also a woman called Margo Kingston.

- She had a Webdiary, which is exactly like a blog except that it's not.

- Tim Blair didn't like Darp.

- Darp had ideological differences with Tim Blair. (Meaning he didn't like Tim Blair right back)

- Tim Blair didn't like Margo Kingston.

- Margo Kingston had significant ideological differences with Tim Blair. She also thought he was evil.

- Tim Blair made frequent posts about Margo.

- Darp complained that Tim Blair usually made fun of Margo Kingston's looks, and 'didn't challenge her on anything of substance'.

- Tim Blair complained that Darp's complaint that he made fun of Margo Kingston's looks was wrong, and that if it wasn't wrong, the least he could do was find evidence of this.

- Darp complained that he couldn't be bothered to find evidence against Tim Blair's complaint that his complaint about Tim Blair making fun of Margo Kingston's looks was wrong.

- Tim Blair complained about this in a post on his blog, and repeated his challenge to Darp.

- Darp promised to do some research and to find the evidence.

- He then waited until others found the evidence ...

- And published it on his blog.

- Although the evidence in itself wasn't that good.

- And Tim Blair replied that Darp still hadn't met the challenge.

- Margo said nothing.

So, is Margo really ugly? Is Darp right? Is Tim Blair wrong? Or is his criticism of Darp's refutation of his challenge about Darp's complaint about (etc, etc) Margo Kingston's looks valid?

And who really cares?

Find out, in the next exciting installment of Darp v. Tim Blair v. Margo v. The World!!!


jeff said...

But what did Andrea Harris have to say?

TimT said...

Whoa, I forgot to mention that part. Andrea didn't say anything, but she did ban Darp from and several times. And Tim Blair did, at one stage, ban himself from commenting on Darp's blog. (That didn't last...)

Anonymous said...

Well Margo does have a face for radio

TimT said...

Indeed. And do you have a name made for blogs?

ie, who are you, Sir Anonymous?

Email: timhtrain - at -

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