Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ways To Amuse Yourself

You're standing on the corner of Street X and Road Y. You've got some cash and time to spare. Here's what you do: hail the nearest taxi cab. Then jump in, and say to the driver:

"Take me to the corner of Street X and Road Y!"
"But," the driver will reply, "We're already there!"*
"Good, good - but don't drive so fast!" your reply will be.
Keep on talking in this manner until you have convinced the driver to do just that. Then begin looking out the window with great interest. Remark on the scenery. Wave at the people passing by. Chat idly with the driver. Then, when you get bored with this, shout:
"Stop the car here! This is fine!"

Once you hop out of the car, look in amazement as the taxi-driver drives away. Say to a passerby, "Hey! He moved the car! I never knew it could do that!"

Then walk off.

*If he doesn't, and starts driving around the city searching for it, the results will be even more amusing.

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