Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Absolutely Degusting!

Once when I was walking through Beaumont Street in Newcastle, I saw a sign up outside a restaurant advertising 'Degustation nights, ever Thursday'. My first thought was that this sounded like a weird kind of stomach action, but when I looked it up in the Dictionary afterwards, this is what I found:

(say dee'gust)
verb (t) 1. Rare to taste, especially in order to appreciate the flavour and quality; savour.
--verb (i) 2. to have a taste. [Latin degustare]
--degustation (say deegust'ayshuhn), noun

One wonders what the sign would be when lobster was on the menu:

This Thursday, for your delectation - crustacean degustation!

Although, of course, for some people, I must make the observation, crustacean degustation would lead to gastric inflammation, and must thereby take sedation to stave off amputation ...


TimT said...

Possibly the most pointless post I have ever written.

Splatterbottom said...

Syllabic saturation leads to verbal flagellation, self infatuation and perpetual masturbation. ie blogging.

TimT said...


That's the spirit!

Tony.T said...

That's the spiritATION. Get it right.

Caz said...

I think you do yourself a great dis-service by over-estimating yourself.

I have every confidence that you can and will write a more pointless post.

Set the bar low, very, very low: come on, you know you can do it. If any blogger can, it will be you. Yes, damn it, a little Aussie blogger can go lower than anyone!

TimT said...

Thank you, everyone, for your low expectations. I will solemnly try to live down to them.

ras said...

Pointless posts aside where is this Voltron vs Barbie post!

You tease! I'll start calling you Snidy!

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