Friday, July 14, 2006

Curious Ideas For Interviews

Somehow, I think a radio-interview with 'Puppetry of the Penis' would lose a certain something.

Then again, maybe they multitask. 'Poetry of the penis', or something like that ...


Caz said...

Ah, Tim, if only you'd tuned in, you would have been privy to instructions and would have learned new skills with which to entertain your new work mates. See, when they're on radio they rely on the male members of the listening audience to provide the visuals, where ever they happen to be. You know, a whole audience participation type thing.

An opportunity missed, I'm afraid.

Comic Mummy said...

And, might I add, you underestimate the interviewing talents of my co-host, Alex. Whether pulling teeth from too-cool-for-school musos or creating a visual picture of a bunch of wackos with dicks-in-hand, damn that man can rock the mike.

TimT said...

You should ask some neo-nazis onto your show. Then, not only would you get the opportunity to rock the mike, you could also mock the reich. You know it makes sense.

Comic Mummy said...

Far out Tim, you're like the Crocodile Hunter of wordplay.


TimT said...

And just look at this beauty of a double entendre! These jaws are so powerful, they could kill a tiger four times its size! Now, let's just poke it with a stick! Crikey!

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