Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thinking About Thinking Some More

Like I said, everybody thinks, but not everybody gets paid to think. Philosophy is a weird profession. Imagine if you got paid to breathe the way philosophers got paid to think. Would you get fined for breathing on holidays? "Jones, our books show that you were respirating while out of the office. This means kilograms of wasted carbon dioxide! What do you think we pay you for? Next time, hold it in, please!"
Or imagine if you got paid simply to exist:

Existence officer

- Being perceived
- Continuing to be a part of objective reality
- Ontological continuation ...

Of course, when philosopher John Austin was asked to define existence, he said: "Like breathing - only quieter." Now that's a thought worth paying for ...

I think getting clink to think would be a pretty sweet job.

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