Sunday, July 23, 2006

An Eight Person Monologue

Tim: What a wonderful day! Good morning, sun! Good morning, clouds! What's the first thing I should do today?

Sloth: Why not browse the internet for a while?

Tim:Excellent idea!

(Hops on computer)
(Boots up)

Hmmm, this is a bit boring. Maybe I should wash my clothes?

Gluttony: Tim! What are you doing, man? There's Neenish tarts in the fridge! I haven't, like, had anything to eat since breakfast!

Tim: (Returning to computer, munching on tart) Mmmmm mmmm mmmwell, mmmkay then ... (Spraying crumbs everywhere)

Oops! I just remembered! It's my turn to sweep up today!

Lust: Duuuuuuuuuuude. Looky here, pictures of Brigitte Bardot!

Tim: Wow, man!

(After a while)

I guess I should get around to doing something.

Pride: Ah, you'll get around to it, man. You always do.

Tim: Good point!

Envy: Hmmmm ... Timothy, my friend, did you notice that Ms Fits has scored a job on the ABC? Talking about books?

Greed: And just imagine how much she's getting paid for it ...!

Tim: That bitch! I could do that job! I could do with that money! She's got no right doing a job that I could do!

Anger: Bloody hell!

Tim: SHUT THE FUCK UP, ANGER! Who the hell invited you into this conversation, anyway?

(Returns to computer)
(Continues clicking around websites idly)

I think I could do with another Neenish tart ...

Lust: Woooooahhhh ... pictures of Britt Ekland ...

Tim: (Drools)


Ah, Sundays ...


Hooch said...

A: Perhaps almost as many.

ras said...

Ahhh Sundays

TimT said...

I feel like another Neenish ...

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