Monday, July 31, 2006

Spring Cleaning in Winter

Incomplete List of Possessions Found While Cleaning on the Weekend

Pair of chopsticks

A few sheets of A4 paper titled 'A history of Dog Philosophy'

A postcard from my father with two elephants making elephantine love, surrounded by phrases in an obscure European language.

Three mobile phone chargers.

Six pens, three of them unused.

Recipe from a magazine titled '3 quick ways to cook sausages'

Recipe for icecream from MX.

Recipe for French onion soup.

A boxing kangaroo pen.

Three letters from my mother.

Numerous letters from my father.

Various floppy disks.

A guide to the Arts Festival of Mildura 2005.



Bruce said...

What was on at the festival last year?

I used to help organise that back in the day.

TimT said...

Um, I didn't actually read it, I'm afraid ... sorry!

Caz said...

You still have "floppy disks", and you still call them that ... tee, hee.

Since when did elephants hang out and make lurve in Europe?

TimT said...

Since my parents visited there mid last year. My father has a taste for the tasteless and tacky. I don't know where he gets it from. Not my side of the family, I can tell you!

Helen said...

Please enumerate what was in the essay on Dog Philosophy.

I'm interested to know if they really smile or not (as they seem to do). Raymond Gaita was no help on this one.

TimT said...

It was one of my more eccentric ideas for writing. Full of bad puns like 'I stink, therefore I am', 'Rexistentialism', and 'J. S. Bark, dog composer of renown'.

Sometimes dogs do seem to smile, though it's hard to tell how much we're reading in. But they are very emotional, so who knows?

I know my brothers and I sometimes played games with our fox terrier where we'd consciously adopt *her* poses - crouch down and tense briefly, sometimes while we were wrestling with her for an object, or trying to get her to run after something.

Caz said...

"... or trying to get her to run after something"

The modern term is to play "fetch". Just a tip, in case you ever have another dog. You'll have much greater success with your games if you have the right doggy terms at your disposal.

TimT said...

'Fetch' may have been too technically advanced for our dog, but anyway, I think we kind of preferred it that way. It was more fun if she didn't give up a stick that easily.

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