Monday, July 03, 2006

Misunderestimated Malapropositions

If you're a habitual reader like me, then you'll have occasionally been confused by the difference betwen words, as they're written, and words, as they're spoken. Very few readers, apparently, have not been mizled on the stahtis of such terms as terodactil, and many have been driven to the point of harrisment by authors such as Turjenev. Only a filosofer such as Socraits would be able to sort out the ka-nives from the ka-forks, but non-ether-less, even he, I'm sure, would be addled by the pronunkiation of such seemingly simple terms as baynal. On such matters, it seems, we are all inkwells: there is nothink we can do about it.

So, as I said, if you are effected by this dishotomy between the printed and the spoken langwaige, then you may find your nitch at the blog Sarsprilla. Why not head over and join the disgustion?

UPDATE! - Malaproposition - 1) (noun) An ill-timed or badly thought out proposal of marriage.

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