Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Important Thought About Foreign Policy

The Monroe Doctrine ... proclaimed the United States' opinion that European powers should no longer colonize the Americas or interfere with the affairs of sovereign nations located in the Americas... In return, the United States planned to stay neutral in wars between European powers and in wars between a European power and its colonies - Wikipedia.

Fancy naming a major foreign policy after an actress (first name Marilyn), specialising in dumb-blonde roles! Those Americans really can be crazy sometimes!


ras said...

I think it says something about america perfectly well...the country obsessed with is the obscenely rich and powerful dumb blonde of world politics

TimT said...

World politics is pretty much dumb and dumber. No-one knows what to do, and when they get around to doing something it's pretty much guaranteed to be wrong; they're all dumb blondes.

This post, on the other hand, was just a silly joke on my part.

Caz said...

So, you were having your very own Paris Hilton moment Timmy?

I'll bet you were on your mobile while writing this post too.

Men should never try multi-tasking, especially when thinking, or brushing their teeth.

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