Saturday, November 25, 2006

Advertising Slogans Suggested

We're quite big in Newcastle!

Buy Dick.

First-class second-rate chicken!
Not as bad as KFC.

Family First: Preserving your precious loin-juices.


Tim said...

That's actually what the Family First guy said to me at the polling station when he thrust his how-to-vote card at me. I told him to back off or I'd tell the party he'd been seen thrusting with a man.

Caz said...


I managed to avoid all / any thrusting / loin juice filled Family First people at my polling booth.


[Gee, I *wonder* who will win. On the edge of my seat with anticipation. *Yawn*]

TimT said...

I just switched on the television and heard some guy saying something about how 'The Greens have got a lot to do with that,' and my ears immediately pricked up.

Then I realised that they were just talking about lawn bowls. Those Greens can be very deceptive ...

TimT said...

BTW, I was originally going to put a picture up there of the local Family First candidate - guy called Stefan Pittari, who has the unfortunate look of a Poindexter crossed with a Milhouse, but I couldn't find any pics on the net.

Anonymous said...

I was also looking for the same pictures but with no effort Tim, perhaps two minds can come up with at least a descent photo.

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Anonymous said...
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