Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Cold Dark Matter of Life

Or, Looking Upon It Philosophically

When I am just about to eat a jam-and-cream-filled English scone,
My experience is quite ruined as I realise that in ten billion years, this universe will be gone.
Whereas yesterday, I could enjoy a simple fish fried in batter,
The taste today turns sour when I think about our universe just filled with cold dark matter.
I used to eat quite often a sundae with syrup, whipped cream, icing, chocolate chips, and topped with glace cherry,
But now I meditate instead upon our probable collision with an object cometary.
Yes, my delight in things like sponge cakes, ginger snaps, hedgehogs, and puftaloons these days are
All but gone when I contemplate that sooner or later we'll all disappear into a gigantic intergalactic quasar.
And even of an evening, when I enjoy my coffee and my schnapps,
I see sudden horrific visions of the universe's imminent entropic collapse.

Why is it that our enjoyment of topics gastronomical
Is all but swallowed up in subjects astronomical?


Kathy said...

That you should dwell on something so catastrophic,

And so turn you from all things gastronomic.

Is certainly lamentable Tim!

However dear,
Be of good cheer.
Sit back, relax and enjoy a beer.

For 12 Billion years will never come,
For you or me or anyone!
As the day grows dim.
The future looks grim..

It's the matter of the bomb, not the dark matter Tim!

There you go, hope you are sufficiently cheered now, and enjoying your tucker once more.

It's okay.. No need to thank me.
We all need a little boost once in a while eh?

TimT said...

I like your perspective. I'm off to the kitchen to fetch myself a sandwich right now, before that 12 billion years goes by!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha that is brilliant!

Unfortunately, whenever I endeavour to eat things like scones and schnapps I very rarely think of global catastrophe. I get too caught up in the moment, particular when there's fresh cream involved.

TimT said...

Ah, the hours I have spent contemplating the mysteries of fresh cream:

- How fresh does fresh cream have to be to be considered REALLY fresh?

- And is it ever possible to too much fresh cream? (Extensive investigations into this question so far reveal the answer to be 'no')

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