Monday, November 12, 2007

Morish sentences

1. You have reached the end, go ahead.

2. To say I am indifferent would be an exaggeration.

3. These underpants are growing on me - I think they're still alive.

4. Some people say a lot with a little, he says a little with a lot.

5. Do exoskeletons have underwear?

6. Climacterix, meet Asterix.

7. Better out than inverterbrate.

8. Quod erat demonstrandum, reductio ad absurdum or vice versa?

9. I don't go in for abstinence, it's addictive.

10. Tomorrow never comes, yesterday is late, lunchtime is all-too-infrequent, and eleven o'clock never seems to go away.

11. Mr Crowe, for your next role, we would like you to play a Thinly Veiled Portrait of yourself.

12. "I wish I could say the same for you," I said to myself.

13. I never thought it was possible, but those underpants are an overstatement.

14. Sorry to convenience you, I'll be sure to disorder things more thoughtfully next time.

15. Vice, meet versa.

16. Dr Zandig pointed the gun at him, and everything came to an abrupt.

17. She was so coy that even her unconsciousness wore underpants.

18. I am known by many names: two, to be precise; three, to be exact; four to exaggerate.

19. So, you say you're God, hey?

20. For viol crimes against fiddling, he died, strung out on his own dischord...

21. Once you have reached the beginning, please stop.


alexis said...

"Abstinence leads to deprivity."

alexis said...

Hm. That would've been funnier if, as I'd mistakenly thought, "abstinence leads to depravity" was ackshally a famous phrase. But I see, too late, that it scores zero (0) google 'its.

TimT said...

Abstinent obstinance!

Mitzi G Burger said...

A, timt, I'm lacking in sentencely grace this fair morn. Come visit me! Party at my house: Saturday. December 1.

Steve said...

It's spring, and a young Tim's thoughts seem to turn to...underpants.

TimT said...

Mitzi, thanks for the invite!

Steve, anytime is a good time for underpant-thinking.

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