Friday, November 09, 2007

noitnetta ot gnidnatS

On my way from work yesterday I noticed a statue of a soldier standing to attention horizontally in the back of a ute. It was there again this morning, still standing to attention horizontally. Standing to attention horizontally for the term of your natural statue life seems a rather sad fate. Why not standing at ease horizontally, or lying to inattention? If the soldier is not careful, he'll graduate from standing to attention horizontally to standing to attention upside down, which nobody wants.

I thank obsessively. Which is to say, I found myself today sending a lot of emails to work contacts using the term

thanks very much guys!

How many times can you thank somebody in the same way before it doesn't mean anything? You can go 'thanks heaps' or 'thanks a lot' or 'thanks a million' or 'thanks a bunch' or just 'thanks'. You can say 'thanks awfully', but how do you thank someone in an awful fashion, and wouldn't that be rather awful for all concerned? You can offer 'thanks terribly' or 'thanks frightfully', but wouldn't thanking somebody frightfully involve a ghost? Could somebody help me with this frightful dilemma? Thanks frightfully, guys...

Apparently someone from work today was resigning. 'She will be sadly missed' said the email.

'Sadly missed'? Maybe she had an office nemesis, which would suggest that, instead of being sadly missed, she would be happily missed. If she had left because of coming into a small fortune, she would be enviously missed, or perhaps even green-with-enviously missed. If she left owing other people money, she would be angrily missed; and if she left with someone else's boyfriend, she would be furiously missed.

Though in the case of myself and most other people at the office, we didn't so much know her, but had encountered her at the office occasionally, and although we are aware of her physical absence, it doesn't affect us much either way. So really, she will be indifferently missed.

Bet the soldier is still standing to attention in that ute now.

Stupid soldier.


nailpolishblues said...

Stupid soldier that's's the word I'm looking for? Something to do with redundancies. Oh hell. Me forget things. Lots.

To think, I was only going to say something about over-thankers - one of the people we, my colleagues and I not my many personalities, regularly speak with says thanks or thank you about ten times in every conversation. It's awfully hard to get rid of her even if she is a rather sweet old duck.

alexis said...

Tautology! Pleonasm! (Lexicon Harlot, at your service.)

nailpolishblues said...

A very perky Lexicon Harlot at that! My thanks - 'twas the former.

I knew there was a word for it.

TimT said...

Both tautology and pleonasm. In fact, the sentence 'Both tautology and pleonasm' is a pleonasm. Which is to say, a tautology.

nailpolishblues said...

Tim, I greatly admire the fact that your brain functions so well at such an early hour.

It is nearly eleven and I am having trouble with my motor skills, speech, keeping my eyes openness, thinky thingy...

Yes, I will shut up now.

Caz said...

She will be sadly missed?

Isn't that the expression for when people, you know, DIE?

Are you sure it was a voluntary resignation?

Gnae-O-Mi said...

You can also thank someone kindly - as opposed to thanking them cruelly, I suppose.

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