Sunday, June 21, 2009

Question of the day

Overheard in the Victorian Trades Hall, at their Big Red Book Sale, in a very loud voice:

I always feel that if a question has an immediate and obvious answer, that it should be asked in the loudest voice possible so that everyone in the room can hear, don't you?


Caz said...

Yes. Quite agree.


Meanwhile, Marx is top of the reading lists O/S these days, most particularly across Europe, I gather.

A little hick up in the capitalist system and everyone ducks for Marx?

Bloody disturbing!

Funny thing is, Marx was convinced that the unstable nature of capitalism would be it's undoing, as if socialism was, you know, steady as a rock.

Ya gotta laugh ... a lot.

TimT said...

The whole concept of a 'big red book sale' is interesting too... I don't know whether Marx ever went out of fashion, though - even cranky old right-winger Paddy McGuinness went to the grave saying that Marx was one of the most interesting economists.

Kudos to the Book Salers for creativity though. We all got turned out of the hall because of a false fire alarm, and had to wait until the fire engines turned up before going back in... when we did wander back in, they announced a their 'fire sale... half price off all books, starting an hour early'. I picked up about ten books for 11 dollars.

Caz said...

"Paddy McGuinness went to the grave saying that Marx was one of the most interesting economist.

Paddy also went to the grave a bit of a dill. Marx was an early sociologist, but definitely no economist. Besides, he had little knowledge of the world, let alone day to day economics, from which he had to leach from Engels.

He was also a financial leach, which is no small irony - no small wonder that he liked the idea of socialism.

Having recently re-read the odd bit of Marx, quoted and explained at length in places like the Fin Review (rather than picking up a book), I was struck by how utterly, transparently naive was his thinking, his posturing.

That his credibility remains intact to this day is no small astonishment.

Verification: sinkings!

TimT said...

I can't remember the original content in the McGuinness editorial, but I'm pretty sure 'interesting' was deployed as one of those ambiguous adjectives that sound complimentary, but aren't really.

Maria said...

Interesting, TimT!

TimT said...

Indeed, Maria!

Caz said...

Ah, I see.

That is interesting.

Paddy can rest as he was then.

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