Saturday, June 20, 2009

Utterly puerile (and I'm not referring to my blog)

Here's a website that lists one of my favourite icecreams, Streets Golden Gaytime, as one of the 15 most unfortunate product names in the world. Well, if you ask me, that's just puerile. If they think that they can get a schoolboy titter by making fun of the names of some products and drawing crude sexual allusions, then fine. It's rather immature of them, but everyone's free to make their own mistakes.

I do wonder, however, what they'd think of the icecream I'm planning to release on to the market. I'm going to call it Crack Whore Abortion Doodle Graphic Violence Happy Times - Peppermint Flavour!

I guess they'd somehow manage to find a similar schoolboy joke in that name somewhere, but I. don't. care.

Anyone want an icecream?


TimT said...

Oh wait. Maybe I was referring to my blog, after all...

Maria said...

Maybe those lovely icecreams:

The Finally Satisfied Priest!
The Boss's Strawberry-Flavoured Indulgence After Hours - for sampling in the office in a private meeting!
The Whistle-Past-a-Work-Site!

If you can find a silly school boy joke in that I think it's just because you've got a dirty mind, really. Purists eat the ice cream and enjoy it for what it is!

Dan said...

TimT, your icecream does not sound appealing at all. I mean, peppermint flavour??
Crack Whore Abortion Doodle Graphic Violence Happy Times - Double choc chip flavour! Now that would be much better.

TimT said...

These all sound delicious and I want to eat them all, half an hour ago.

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