Friday, June 05, 2009

Splitting a difference of hairs

Woke up early this morning with this thought: what's the difference between a 'mizzle' and a 'drizzle'? At what point, precisely, does a mizzle become a drizzle? Is it at all comparable with the point at which something 'musty' becomes something 'dusty'? And if rain can either 'mizzle' or 'drizzle', can dogs noses' either be 'muzzles' or 'druzzles'?

Having had this series of ludicrous and pointless thoughts, I decided to go right back to sleep again. So I did, and stayed that way, right up until the point at which the train bells screamed at me, one minute later.


forlorn said...

the train bells screamed at me, one minute later.

You like to sleep on railway tracks? How very fascinating of you!

TimT said...

'Like' is the debatable word there. In fact this is a subject of some personal interest to me, and I'll be discoursing on it at more length on this blog, probably tomorrow.

forlorn said...

I look forward to that very much. Didn't you once post a picture of your good self lying across train tracks? I think you were wearing a safari hat and had some sort of glowbite case.

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