Friday, July 10, 2009

Bawhacky Ogaffama!

WASHINGTON, THURSDAY - Controversy erupted over a misplaced apostrophe in a presidential speech by the head of the known world yesterday, when President Barack Obama greeted Peterkin Punctilio, head of the 'Mid-Western Americans for Appropriate Apostrophisation Society'.

"Hi," said the President, shaking Mr Punctilio's hand. "Hows' it doing?"

Mr Punctilio heard the misplaced apostrophe but didn't immediately correct the President on it. "I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing!" he said. "I mean, clearly, this misplaced apostrophe casts doubt on the President's alleged skill at making speeches, foreign policy, health care, his ability to handle the economy, jobs, defence, and everything else."

The debate over the misplaced Presidential apostrophe has rapidly spread to all four corners of the media world, with Fox News, the New York Post, and bloggers left right and centre debating the president's fitness to lead. Whilst some have maintained that Mr Punctilio had misheard the apostrophe, others argue that the misplaced apostrophe calls into question the President's fitness to lead.

However, mainstream media agrees, Obama is a far more skilled speaker than former President, George W Bush, who once infamously misplaced two apostrophes in the course of two sentences, while speaking in a rare form of ancient Swahili sign language to leaders at an African summit, causing the entire world to rise in outrage at his outrageous mistake (which very few of them could understand.)


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Dan the VespaMan said...

Surely Obama has an expert apostrophe advisor as part of his staff, and someone who deals with the inverted comma's, another for comma's, another for full stops and another for exclamation marks.

Perhaps the financial crisis has bitten hard at the white house and most of these people were sacked and their roles consolidated into one entitled "punctuation advisor" who goofed due to the extra workload.

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