Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not God, but almost

I was planning some posts I was going to do, but instead of going and doing them, I'm going to go to Newcastle. What a slacker, eh? 

Anyway, how about reading Steve's blog? He's not God, but he's almost as good. And he always has a lot of interesting posts up, including this one, in which I've left material enough for several blog posts in the comments. 

In the meantime, I'll just keep on planning my plans for blog posts. After all, failing to plan for planning is planning to fail to plan! 


Steve said...

I wasn't going to comment on this, but being elevated to near divinity is a rare honour indeed, and I have had to think about how to respond. Demanding burnt offerings is the obvious start, but while I do like most meat well done, burning is a step too far.

Tim, you need to go make a son so I can torment you with a mock demand for his sacrifice. You could use a pet instead, I suppose, but I should warn you that if it's a cat I won't be calling it off at the last moment.

Anyhow, very kind words, ta.

Caz said...

Burnt offerings were given ample cover on the earlier post about toast Steve.

TimT said...

Hate to go all atheist on you, Steve, but I refer you to the blog title. 'Not God, but almost'. So no sacrificing, I'm afraid.

And remember: everytime you say 'I don't believe in Steve', a blog fairy dies!

TimT said...

(Yep, I'm back, but posts not to come for a little while yet. Maybe tonight.)

Steve said...

Yes OK, Tim, I will assume instead that your post elevates me merely to sainthood, the realm of the angels, or perhaps a bodhisattva. Unfortunately, those positions aren't so much about demanding worship and alms, but just seem to involve listing to prayers and helping people. Sorry, if I can't have divinity, with all its perks, I resign.

Caz said...


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