Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday night isn't here

Saturday Night's going out for the night.
Saturday Night isn't here.
It's taking a break and it's feeling alright.
Saturday Night's going out for the night.
It's laughing and dancing 'til first Sunday light.
It's off with its friends drinking beer.
Saturday Night's going out for the night.
Saturday Night isn't here.


Bwca Brownie said...

perfect Saturday Night twang to that, dear WTFF.

*goes off singing 'where does Robinson Crusoe
with Friday on Saturday night?'

'well I'm feeling alright,
from Monday morning till Friday night -
but oh,
those lonely weekends.'

nailpolishblues said...

That's to be backed by decidedly punk music, right?

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

Yes NailPolisBlues - it sure fits an 'Anarchy in the UK' vocal delivery.

nailpolishblues said...

I was thinking more Ramones-y. That might just be the after effect of Marky guest programming Rage though.

TimT said...

Beats me. Ramones sounds like a good idea, but I just wrote it to be in triolet form.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

"Elsa enjoyed poetry and in 1915 befriended an aspiring futurist poet and graphic artist Vladimir Mayakovsky.
When she invited him home, the poet fell madly in love with her older sister Lilya, who was married to Osip Brik.
In 1918, at the outset of Russian Civil War, Elsa married the French cavalry officer André Triolet and emigrated to France ... "

so we had a narrow escape from the Mayakovsky form then.
Thank you for exercise 253 of
Education by blog.

Dan the VespaMan said...

For some reason after reading that, I've got Friday on my mind.

nailpolishblues said...

I think I had the same moment, Dan.

Mitzi G Burger said...

My juniorboy flatmate (all of 14) has discovered the song "I don't like Mondays" which I realised I actually new was sung by The Boomtown Rats. He turned out to be really impressed by my obscure 80s pop knowledge. And then I made chocolate tarts and gave him the bowl to clean out, and so I think I was elevated to demigodlike status. I really like "I don't like Mondays" though, it's fun! More fun than actual Mondays (except for this one: I am on school holidays.)

TimT said...

We all know the nursery rhyme 'Monday's child', but here's a poser: how many people (fictional or otherwise) can you think of that have actually been named after days? There's Wednesday Adams, 'The Man who was Thursday' in Chesterton's novel, Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe, and, oh, I suppose Sunday Reed who was someone or other, I forget now.

F G Marshall, nice historical snippet - I'm not sure how old the triolet poetic form is, but I think it might have been one of those French forms that were disseminated by the troubadors. I first read a few by Thomas Hardy and was really impressed. And they're so easy to do, too.

Though next time maybe I'll do a toilet triolet, just for fun.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

she played the unattainable girl in The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
(oh just guugle for it)
Later she went 15 rounds with Dudley Moore before he was diagnosed.
(oh just guugle for it)

nailpolishblues said...

I came across a completely non-famous Tuesday at work the other day. I was impressed. I've also seen a few non-famous Sundays. Also, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa who is both fictional and non, apparently. I've never quite worked that one out.

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