Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's a Barbie man in a Barbie world

Ken, Ken, confused amongst men,
Though made without parts he still has a heart
As a he he's not quite more hermaphrodite,
Sometimes a man and sometimes a tran,
Dressed in more dresses than you ever could guess,
Is being made of plastic so fantastic at all?
More doll than role model, still, that's all right
An idol? An icon? Androgynite.


Mitzi G Burger said...

My lounge room full of non-plastic friends enjoyed listening to my recital of your poem! Awesomeness.

TimT said...

Impromptu recitals! May the joy continue. Thanks!

Caz said...

I'm one part disturbed and one part envious of your ability to be inspired to poetry by the new Ken.

I'll bet when you were little, and saw your first Ken doll, you never imagined it would all come to this.

TimT said...

You're right. Ken must be very disappointed in me.

Steve said...

He has unnaturally blue eyes. Probably tinted contacts, I expect.

TimT said...

Maybe he's an Aryan SuperKillCyborg biding his time before he does the evil bidding of whoever designed him.

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