Monday, January 24, 2011

The sayings of snails

It's so crowded here, it's like the lettuce leaf on a Friday!

What are you, a midge or a mollusc?

As smooth as my spawn's egg-sac!

It's either mud or it's dud.

A slime in grime saves time.

The sewer is where the heart is.

The early bird catches the worm - and YOU!

Beware of cats, hens, and French mens.

A slurp in a burp saves urp.

His, hers, or hermaphrodites?

Is that a pseudo-pseudopodae?

All's well in the shell.

Better ooze than osmose!

You've got to eat hard to stay behind.

A slug in snail's clothing.

A gloop in a glop or a glop in a gloop?

If you were any faster, you'd be a turtle!

Last one in's a pickled sea cucumber!

Bob's your uncle, and your auntie.

I am what the cat dragged in.

When the shoe falls, danger calls!

At the end of every rainbow lies a cabbage.

Turning under a new leaf.

The mildew's always mouldier on the other side.

You're the man-woman of my dreams!

It's not easy to be oozy.

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